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Prices and rental status:
  • Rental availability found from

  • Send query for rental price for desired time period.

Making reservation:

  • Reservation can be made via email.

  • When making a reservation, a 150€ reservation fee is requested to be paid in case there is more than 4 weeks until the reservartion day. Otherwise the full amount needs to be paid. Reservation fee is part of the full amount.

  • Reservation fee must be paid within three days of reservation. Otherwise reservation will be cancelled.

  • Final amount of the reservation needs to be paid before the rental time begins.

  • Cabin is allowed to be used on for the amount of persons, which is agreed when making the reservation.

  • Bringing of pets needs to be informed when making reservation.

  • Cabin is available for your use on your arrival day at 16:00 and on departure day until 10:00.

  • During the rental period, client is responsible of any damage caused to the property.