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Kaupinpirtti's address:

  • Majavakuja 2, 95970 Äkäslompolo, Finland

    • Kaupinpirtti is located at the end of the Majavakuja -road. It is silver log cabin which is easy to spot.

Kaupinpirtti's general guides and rules:

  • Cabin is available for your use on your arrival day at 16:00 and on departure day until 10:00.

    • Cabin needs to be left in good condition on departure day.

    • When leaving from the cottage, turn off electrical devices, check that firplace chimney is closed and close all doors and windows.

  • Bed linens must be used in beds. Bed linen must be rented or brought your own. In cabin there is no bed linen available.

    • In Reservations -section is told about possibility to rent bed linen.

  • Avoid moving inside the cabing when using outdoor shoes.

  • Smoking indoors is strictly prohibited!

  • Pets are not allowed to be taken to upstairs.

  • In case of an accident i.e. something gets broken, please do not hesitate to inform about it.

Using the fireplace:

  • Open the chimney before starting the fire. Chimney is opened from the upstairs by pulling the lever on the side of the chimney. Do not user force, but just pull it as far as it comes. Muista sulkea piipunpelti takan käytön jälkeen, mutta ei ennen kuin hiillos on hiipunut kokonaan.

  • Remember to close chimney after using the fireplace, but before closing it, make sure that all the coals are black and you don't see any red glow on them.

  • Open the hatch below the main fireplace doors to make flow of the chimney stronger at the start. You can close the hatch after the fireplace and chimney have heated.

  • Especially during the cold season make sure that lever on the left side of the fireplace is set to "Talvi" position.

  • Firewood can be found from the storage. Before leaving the cottage it would be nice to fill the wood storage in the cabin as well.

Using Sauna:

  • Cabin has electric heater in Sauna. In the stove there is two controllers. Another is controlling the heat and another is for the time.

  • Follow these rules when heating Sauna:

    • Do not leave Sauna heating alone! Cabin must be occupied while heating Sauna.

    • When heating Sauna, the heaters in the main cabin gets turned OFF whenever stove heats itself. So please avoid unnecessary heating of Sauna.